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I’m Only Sleeping | The Beatles

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André Jolivet | Épithalame, for vocal orchestra in 12 parts (1953) - I. Ouvrons Les Portes de L’amour. Moderato

from French Choral Music (Huber, SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart)

Low, Transient Waves & Piano MagicSleep at the Bottom

from Green Acres [ 7” 1998]

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Mara Carlyle | ‘King’ 

*from her much-delayed album Floreat (2011)

Gregorio Allegri, “Miserere”

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Low / “Especially Me”

but as it stands, we don’t have a clue / especially me & probably you

Slowdive - “Spanish Air”

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The Beatles - “I’m Only Sleeping”

*Revolver (1966, Parlophone)

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